User Analyses – myfitnessapp

unnamed           This app named the ‘myfitnesspal’ is a weight loss app.

What is most significant about this app is the ability to scan food products using the barcode or searching the database of more than 3million foods. Making it easy for the user to monitor their diet and calorie count.

User experience – Log in

IMG_1501-1     Log in home page

IMG_1502-1     option to use either email or Facebook to join the app

Log in details

IMG_1503-1 IMG_1504-1 IMG_1505 IMG_1506 IMG_1507 IMG_1508

personal details,

slide bar to show progress,

option of forward or back step

7 pages long, may be a bit long for the user

IMG_1511   monitoring diet of that day


scan barcode of food product consumed for fast and efficient use

Confirmation and home page.

IMG_1510         IMG_1513

Homepage is simple and to the point. Main menu along the bottom and five choices to choice from, which are all specific to the user


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