Student Drinking Games

Drinking games are a huge part of our culture, especially among students when having a few pre drinks.

Here is an example of how a student pre drinking ‘session’ would go.
Everyone gathers in the kitchen casually having a few drinks and catching up.
All excited about the night ahead
One or a few people think that the pre drinking session is of to a slow start.
BOOM – The cards are out and the drinking games start.
Most likely kings or higher or lower.
Many people complain that the games is s*** and that they won’t get drunk playing it.
five mins later – First drink is gone and then refilled, the games continues.
                                   Drinks are mixed and downed and shots are produced continuously
ten mins later – The drink has hit in and everyone is feeling a little drunk
ten mins later – “Taxi is here, down your drinks”
BOOM all drink is gone and everyone is drunk before they leave the house.
So what state do they come home in…
I believe the problem with student alcohol consumption occurs while pre drinking before a night out.

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