Social Media/ Fitness Apps

Apps that are currently exploring the idea of using social media to motivate are

Extra Pounds
This free weight loss network acts as a food diary. The archive of diet blogs, fitness articles body logs and support groups gives extensive weight loss motivation.

Daily Mile
This free network is the Twitter of weight loss/fitness sites. Here you can track and publicly share work outs, accomplishments, and food logs in a short phrase post, with “check-ins.” A perfect way to (annoy) motive your friends and family. A good one for the organizer.

Another free app for iOS and Android that allows you to log and track calorie-burning goals. The unique perk of this network is that is allows users to chose up to four “motivators” – other members of Traineo who receive email updates about your progress, who then in turn send you their progress emails. This is a great one for accountability.

Map My Fitness
Similar to the tracking of Daily Mile, users can find running/hiking trails, map out a running route and track progress through mobile apps. When you are finished you can share on other social platforms. A great one for the show-off.

If using a fitness platform tracker is what help you achieve results check out one of the five listed.



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