First Glance At Allinghams Poetry.

When reading through Allingham’s Poetry three that stood out to me.
After Sunset – An Evening – The Bubble
After sunset
The vast and solemn company of clouds 
Around the Sun’s death, lit, incarnadined, 
Cool into ashy wan; as Night enshrouds 
The level pasture, creeping up behind 
Through voiceless vales, o’er lawn and purpled hill 
And hazéd mead, her mystery to fulfil. 
Cows low from far-off farms; the loitering wind 
Sighs in the hedge, you hear it if you will,– 
Tho’ all the wood, alive atop with wings 
Lifting and sinking through the leafy nooks, 
Seethes with the clamour of a thousand rooks. 
Now every sound at length is hush’d away. 
These few are sacred moments. One more Day 
Drops in the shadowy gulf of bygone things.
An evening
A sunset’s mounded cloud; 
A diamond evening-star; 
Sad blue hills afar; 
Love in his shroud. Scarcely a tear to shed; 
Hardly a word to say; 
The end of a summer day; 
Sweet Love dead.
The Bubble
See the pretty planet!
Floating sphere!
Faintest breeze will fan it
Far or near;


World as light as feather;
Moonshine rays,
Rainbow tints together,
As it plays.


Drooping, sinking, failing,
Nigh to earth,
Mounting, whirling, sailing,
Full of mirth;


Life there, welling, flowing,
Waving round;
Pictures coming, going,
Without sound.


Quick now, be this airy
Globe repelled!
Never can the fairy
Star be held.

Touched–it in a twinkle
Leaving but a sprinkle,
As of tears.