The Bubble

See the pretty planet!
Floating sphere!
Faintest breeze will fan it
Far or near;

World as light as feather;
Moonshine rays,
Rainbow tints together,
As it plays.

Drooping, sinking, failing,
Nigh to earth,
Mounting, whirling, sailing,
Full of mirth;

Life there, welling, flowing,
Waving round;
Pictures coming, going,
Without sound.

Quick now, be this airy
Globe repelled!
Never can the fairy
Star be held.

Touched–it in a twinkle
Leaving but a sprinkle,
As of tears. 

At first when reading the poem ‘The Bubble’ I imagined making a moving image based on the colours of the bubbles. However after reading between the lines I interpreted the poem differently. I interpreted the bubble to be a representation of life as line in the poem read, “Life there, welling, flowing, Waving round”Leaving but a sprinkle, As of tears.” I believe that bubbles have strong connections with childhood and from the poem i image the bubble is symbolic of life and how there are up’s and down’s (“Drooping, sinking, failing,- Mounting, whirling, sailing’). I think the poem is conveying childhood and how it disappears so quickly. 


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