Firstly i though about developing a promo for a fashion app, although after researching into that i found that artist experimentation would be somewhat limited as there are many fashion apps already developed.

Other Ideas

Cooking App

An app to share recipes and learn new cooking skills

Travellers Guide App

An app which stores all your tickets, passes, important documents and also gives you destination  information and gives you warnings if a train, plane or other transport is delayed.

Designers Diary App

An app with allows you to scan documents from one device to another. It allows you to use illustrator, indesign, photoshop etc on the go, while also having the option to directly share your work on social and professional media platforms.

Dream Diary App

An app that allows you understand the meaning of your dreams. With a large database similar to a  dictionary where you can easily type your dream and get a meaning for it.


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