Living with Dementia – research via doctumentaries

I watched a number of documentaries on dementia in order to further understand dementia and the effects that this condition has on the person but also the carers who look after the dementia sufferer.

‘Extreme Love: Dementia’

This documentary followed a reporter louis who travelled to Arizona, USA to experience the life of  people suffering from dementia. This documentary highlighted the effect that dementia has on the families of those with dementia and the difficulties of keeping those relationships alive under great challenges.

‘A marriage to Remember’

A son documents his mothers fight with Alzheimer’s disease. 

‘Barabara, the whole story’

This a staged film aimed to raise awareness of dementia among medical staff. It was created by Created by nurses at Guy’s and St Thomas’.

Barbara’s Story is a series of 6 films which has changed attitudes to dementia in hospitals across the world. 

Still to watch…

The Unspooling Mind is a documentary about the human toll of dementia, heart-wrenching decisions for families, the desperate search for care for those who can no longer care for themselves, and seeking help in a place with no return in a country far from home.

Film about legendary country singer Glen Campbell and his fight with Alzheimer’s


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