the theory of learning by association

The idea behind this memory test (in the link above) is that the brain sometimes works by association, like 80% of the people that took this challenge they all said ‘track’ so their memory worked by association rather than what they actually saw and remember. Therefore making them believe that they saw the word track because they associated it with rest of the words.
I feel that this theory of association could be used to develop a game for dementia users. Given that they can’t retain new information why not play on skills and memories that they already have? For example if someone used to knit or Similar i could develop a game that requires these skills so through association of past experiences they would already know how to play this game. It would kind of act as a stimulation. So therefore you wouldn’t need to introduce new rules, skills or information.
Similar to the plumber games in a post below, the man would know how to use it by association of his past job as a plumber, therefore is applying skills from his pervious job, therefore creating a chance for cognitive stimulation in a comfortable environment.

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