Reminiscence Techniques  Here is a great website I came across which is along the same ideas that I want to explore. I am very inspired by the section called reminiscence products within this site. This lead me to think that I could personalise my game to create reminiscent memories from northern Ireland. However this brings me to a number of problems


  1. Its difficult to personalise a game to reflect the whole of northern Ireland as it still quite a big area. Some in the country in Tyrone aren’t going to know whats going on in Fermanagh and vice versa.
  2. Secondly if i was to generalise Northern Ireland in the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s i would be taking into a account the troubles and conflicts in Northern Ireland, which wouldn’t be a good memory for the elderly generation of today. So therefore the user experience of the game wouldn’t be satisfactory.
  3. When would generalising Northern Ireland become obscure and no longer personal, to the extent where the user wouldn’t know where or what the visuals are trying to represent.


  1. If this aim was to work it could have great impact on cognition.
  2. You could create prompts to encourage interaction with family members.
  3. It would be enjoyable for the user and hold their attention.

After further research I think it could be possible to develop games with very subtile reminders of Northern Ireland(NI) for example products solid in NI or popular touristy destinations that majority of people in NI are likely to have visited at one stage. Even things like car models, or tractor models that were popular in the users youth and enjoyable games they would have played as a child, e.g. conkers.  In order to do this I need to look closely at what years in the past I would concentrate on. I need to get talking to some elderly people and see their views.

Useful document contain some info on reminiscing techniques


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