TimeSlip – Imagination and Dementia


TimeSlips opens storytelling to everyone by replacing the pressure to remember with the freedom to imagine.

The open, poetic language of improvisational storytelling invites people with memory loss to express themselves and connect with others.  TimeSlips brings meaning to long term care.’

Timeslip is a company that offers training that teaches the meaning and value of creative engagement, its an introduction to dementia and person-centered care and the TimeSlips storytelling process in detail.

Currently Timeslip use printed images to start conversations and storytelling. Everyone gathers in a circle and the disscuss the first image, someone (care giver) records what the dementia sufferers says and later the story is recalled to them in order to keep their attention. See more from the video below

So basically the research is done but the execution is lacking. The research shows that this idea works but i believe that i could create a series of scenario illustrations in a form that would enable storytelling. This storytelling aid could take the form of cards or cubes but ultimately it would prompt the users to make stories using their imagination or in some cases recall from past events. Communication and interaction is key in this concept. This design would be specific for people in the middle to late stage of dementia.


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