Cube Style

My final outcome will be a series of jigsaw like cubes. My next step to decide upon a style of cube. One is laser cubes, which would introduce multi-sensory interaction. Furthermore they have an authentic look and a similar appeal to chess and dominos, which elderly people will be familiar with. The only issue is that there isn’t much colour to visually stimulate the user.

Secondly another option is to make vinyl stickers of my illustrations and place each sticker on the different sides of the cube. The user could determine the colours of each illustration making it easier to form the jigsaw and create more visually stimulated stories from the illustrations.

2901405920_8fe536f424_b(Laser cut blocks)


35f8037b8e883b939e3532ddb8ae5a5b_original(vinyl stickers on each side of the cube)

More potential ideas



Inspiration for the jigsaw idea of the activity. The idea is that each person gets a tray consisting of nine cubes. Each tray has 6 possible illustration outcomes. Once everyone has formed an image from the cubes they have to tell a story from all of the images that everyone has formed.



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