Soft Wood

7cm x 7cm

Pine or soft wood

DSC_1540 DSC_1533 copy

Issue #1

Soft wood made it difficult to get a good laser cut design, as the grain made the cut very uneven. The deep the cut the more obvious the grain was. One option is to sand the grain out after the laser cut.

DSC_1536 copy

Given that i want to stick my illustrations on the sides of the cubes i need to make an indent so that the sticker of my illustration wont peel off. Again the grain left a very uneven indent, which would need to be sanded down.

Issue #2

The cubes are all cut to 7cm approximately but there is some variation, not much – maybe a few mill. This make it difficult to get an even indent, making the boarder around the sticker look uneven.
DSC_1533 copy


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