Testing the laser cut jigsaw

Using a soft wood for the cubes i engraved my jigsaw designs into the sides. The effect is visually appealing but i did have some issues when testing the prototype.


The different grain of the cubes proves to be an inconvenience when assembling the jigsaw, as the test studies tired to match the grain rather than the shape of the cut outs.


First test study: 27 yr – female – no cognitive impairment

took 10-12 minutes to form the jigsaw, showed some confusion by the grain but quickly found a viable solution to assembling the jigsaw; side by side then bring them together.

Second test study: 56yr old – female – minimum cognitive impairment

took thirty minutes to form the jigsaw, showed great confusion and needed help at different stages

Third test study: 60 yr old – male – minimum cognitive impairment

took 15-20 minutes to complete jigsaw, showed mild confusion with regards to the grain


These photos show an example of how the grain varies in direction and thickness – causing the confusion. i need to explore techniques to aid the assembling of the jigsaw – possibly colour co-ordination. I also think i should include a picture of the large images so that the user can make references to it – aiding the assembling of the jigsaw.

On a brighter note – the grain enables multi-snesory activity as the cubes prove to be interesting to the touch. Assembling the jigsaw with groups proved to be very entertaining and fun for users.




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