Trail – Soft Wood – Laser Cut

DSC_1544 copy

Firstly i tested my designs on thin plywood to make sure that the files were all correct and scaled to the accurate size of my cubes as a whole. I also wanted to see if the detail within my design was distinguishable.  I got 28 cubes cut, allowing me one to test an trial. I found that when i cut into the soft wood I got a lot of raised grain and the laser cutter didn’t cut the wood evenly as a result.  I then trailed if i could make my cubes out of plywood and assemble them side by side, however this would leave the cubes with an unsightly edge, which would disrupt the jigsaw effect.

Plywood testDSC_1523 copy

Test cube
DSC_1533 copy

Plywood assembled cubeDSC_1520 copy


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