Wood types for laser cutting

‘Laser Engraving hardwoods like boxwood, beech, basswood (lindenwood or lime), walnut, mahogany, alder and maple can produce successful pyrography effects. Softwoods such as pine can be engraved but, due to the hard and soft bands of the grain structure, they tend to vaporize at less-consistent depths.
Birch plywood engraves and cuts very well and other plywoods can be used for jigs, tooling and even clock gears.

Fine detail model kit production

MDF is also a very suited material for laser work, producing interesting engraved results and having good properties for use where accurate and intricate cutting is required.
Given a suitable graphic, 3D laser carving can produce superb results on maple, cherry, birch, butternut, alder and MDF. The process works by burning away material at different intensities over 256 shades of grey  to produce a carved, three dimensional image.
Some papers, along with card and fibreboard, are well suited to laser cutting which can create intricate and delicate patterns.

Leather engraving with a laser

Leather can be cut and is very well suited to laser engraving, producing a result which is akin to branding. 
Certain latex rubber compounds can be laser engraved to produce rubber hand stamps.’

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