Jigsaw Re-design

The logo design is on the top of the jigsaw like the last prototype

The large black square will go on the bottom, this large square will be engraved into the wood. This makes it easier for the user to identify that those cubes are the base, so it gives the user a starting point.

A tag line for the product is ‘every story imagined or remembered is worth sharing,’ which basically sums up the product.

The cogs represent imagination and thought process.

The design that resembles a simple electrical circuit represents the process of tapping into old memories.


Another possibility is to have each slide of the cubes lead into each other, although given that it is difficult to form a cube jigsaw it is best to leave each side single so that the user can work on one side at a time.

Image showing the divides where the jigsaw will be cut.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 19.28.58


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