Posters Design for final show

jigstory poster 1 mockup

jigstory poster 3 mockup

jigstory poster 2mockup


Brochure Design

As the outer jigsaw designs are more difficult to form the brochure leaflet includes four large images of the jigsaw designs. It measures 195mm x 780mm. 195mm is the width and length of the cubes so the brochure exactly fits onto the top of the cubes to keep the packaging neat and tidy. On the reverse of the leaflet there is information about Jigstory and ideas on how to use the Jigstory cubes.

8x8-tri-fold V2 copy



Branding the Illustrations?

Potentially altering illustrations to blend with the brand.

Research conducted on colour theory was contradicting with my intentions for branding the illustrations.  Therefore it would be more user friendly to use multiple high contrasting colour palates to create the illustrations, meaning that the user could easily identify the image and remain interested in the product.

users need vs brand identity

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