final packaging

DSC_1659 copy


packaging development

Initially i wanted to laser cut the plastic as the polypropylene was 2mm thick. However i had no assess to a laser cutter that was large enough to cut out the template. So i then had to measure and cut the plastic by hand.

With help i used steel rods and clamps to ensure the plastic didn’t move so that i got a clean cut. I also tested glues to see if they were transparent and strong enough to hold the plastic lid together.

For ease i varied a little form my original flat design and chose not to cut two thing slices up the slides of the lid instead i cut a basic square.



DSC_1637 copy


DSC_1639 copy

Packaging planning and prototype

DSC_1580 copy DSC_1579 copy

After researching for similar packaging to what i need to develop i found that there wasn’t many existing packaging.

I knew i needed a packaging that would open out flat and that was strong enough to support the weight of the blocks.

I also thought a transparent packaging would be an effective selling point as people would eb able to see the detailed laser cuttings on the exterior of the blocks.

When i research different plastics and contact some local plastic companies i was advised that polypropylene plastic would be best suited to what i was looking for. Polypropylene is easily cut and bent which was beneficial to me as i was making a unique packaging.

Flat Design of Packaging

packaging demensions2-02

packaging demensions-01


I then developed a prototype, scaled down to fit one cube. I did this to see if there were any structural flaws with my design.

DSC_1585 copy

DSC_1576 copy