Grain Comparison

Beech                                                                                           Soft WoodUntitled-2

From the above photos you can see how beech would is better suited to the product.

As the grain is more subtle in the beech would this should cause less confusion which assembling the jigsaw.

The colour variation is more subtle in the beech wood, which will have a flaming effect given that the jigsaws are more detailed than the previous prototype.

As the soft wood give a large drain variation it is more likely that germs will be trapped in the grooves of the grain, which wouldn’t adhere to infection control and hygiene regulations within car home settings


jigsaws cut into beech wood

Here are some of the jigsaws shortly after being laser cut. A coat or two of varnish will make the colour difference more obvious. But overall this is a good improvement from the last prototype.

DSC_1552 copy

DSC_1554 copy

DSC_1556 copy

Prototype – Take two – Beech wood

Beech would has a more fine and even grain, which means the grain won’t be as obvious as the previous softer wood.


I labelled each block and matched each block by grain and colour variation, in order to make the  jigsaw design look even when laser cut onto the wood.

DSC_1551 copy

Silhouette redesign

sils-06After playing around with the silhouettes I determined that just placing the silhouettes in rows across the blocks was boring and some silhouette weren’t easily recognised. Therefore I redesigned the jigsaw to give a more interesting design. The larger shapes also makes the jigsaw easier to form.


full patterns for jigsaw-05

The type design for this tagline was inspired by an old handwritten book i found, dated 1940. The combination of different typefaces makes the jigsaw easier to assemble.

I deliberately used the typeface i made to display the word ‘remembered’, as remembering is most difficult for people with dementia – hence the partial letters.

Furthermore the I also used Avenir Next Ultra Light and Avenir light to display the other words

DSC_1543 copy

DSC_1511 copy

Jigsaw Re-design

The logo design is on the top of the jigsaw like the last prototype

The large black square will go on the bottom, this large square will be engraved into the wood. This makes it easier for the user to identify that those cubes are the base, so it gives the user a starting point.

A tag line for the product is ‘every story imagined or remembered is worth sharing,’ which basically sums up the product.

The cogs represent imagination and thought process.

The design that resembles a simple electrical circuit represents the process of tapping into old memories.


Another possibility is to have each slide of the cubes lead into each other, although given that it is difficult to form a cube jigsaw it is best to leave each side single so that the user can work on one side at a time.

Image showing the divides where the jigsaw will be cut.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 19.28.58

Potential Methods of Colour Co-ordination

colour coordination

Given that the cubes were difficult to assemble for people with no cognitive impairment i needed a method to simplify the exercise. I have made three mock up’s of potential colour variations. Each side of the jigsaw could have an individual colour. From these mockups i think the first one would be most aesthetically pleasing but still involve some level of difficulty. I have also added potential colour palates for the four sides of the jigsaw.

I need to test this method to see if the time taken to assemble the jigsaw decreases. If the time taken to assemble the jigsaw remains similar to the first trail i will need to consider option one or two with a larger percentage of the jigsaw being coloured.