From this project i learnt that i can apply my graphic design skills to a completely foreign subject, although i did learn quite a bit of science along the way.  I also learnt how to efficiently organise my work and that dealing with printed prototypes are more practical if the ultimate outcome is printed.

Initial planning and thought process played a big part in the outcome of this module and from this i found that knowing your target audience is major part. As i can justify naming the booklet “The Krebs Cycle, what the f**k?” as this is the common expression that university student express when first met with the krebs cycle. So naming it “The Krebs Cycle, what the f**k?” makes it interesting and relatable to university students, therefore they are more likely to use it.


Sources for the info in the booklet

step by step
Cis aconitate 
Defintion on ‘basics’ page
Pyruvate Carboxylase info
Useful video
Useful definitions
Fundamentals of Anatomy and physiology – Frederic H.Martini
Essential Cell Biology – Second edition –